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The Beautiful Seattle. 5th stop on the Zaarly tour!

You’d think after 5 cities in 6 days that our team would start to get worn out; not at all.

The energy and diversity that each city brings keeps us all going. We are more excited than ever to turn Zaarly on in Seattle as one of our initial roll out cities!

A couple of our team members, including myself, are from Seattle so we are determined to make Zaarly a hit in our home city!

We kicked off the day with a meetup at FX McRory’s in Pioneer Square. At the time there was a Seattle Sounders soccer match going on across the street so the area was packed with fans and the energy was intense! This helped set the tone for our time in Seattle. Sports venues and events are a great way to use Zaarly and I’m sure it will be utilized in the near future at Sounders soccer matches.

When I think about the northwest, I think about food carts, great music and a local neighborhood feel. Needless to say, I think Zaarly is a compliment to the northwest vibe and it just gets me more excited than ever to make Seattle the best Zaarly city!

The only way to do that is with the rock star team we have on the ground in the city.

Our Seattle Marketing Coordinator, Briana, has done an amazing job building the Zaarly city organizer team. Our team captain, Otis Kimzey, has some killer ideas for getting Zaarly rolling and I think he is a great leader for the Seattle team!

After 2 hours of getting to know everyone and planning our attack strategy,we ended the meeting with high fives and we headed onto the next city, Washington D.C.

Seattle lives and breathes everything that Zaarly stands for and I personally hope it is the top Zaarly city in the country! I think we have the team to do it…


Los Angeles. Where it all began.

We rolled into Los Angeles about 9 a.m. and the energy from the second we hit the ground was intense (or maybe it was the traffic).

It’s crazy to think that a little over 10 weeks ago Zaarly was just an idea at a Startup Weekend. Since it all began here, we knew LA had to be one of the main kick off cities and we decided to hold our event at the same space where it all began, Coloft.

The Coloft team provides one of the best co-working spaces in the country. They are passionate about everything they do and they run a top notch place to work. Thanks for everything they have done for us thus far.

LA was so dynamic. Its energy was contagious and the diversity of our team was incredible.

The team was that was built had some really interesting people. From 3 guys who started a national eyewear chain, a few developers who were at the original Startup Weekend to a Los Angeles Laker Girl. We had all ends of the spectrum covered and it was a very energizing night.

Los Angeles just has this vibe that gets everyone going. We spent a lot of time talking about entrepreneurship and how Zaarly could help unemployment. The drive to help non-profits and get people back on their feet was inspiring.

After a few hours in the room where it all began, it felt like I had connected with a group of friends that I had known forever. It was there that it hit me that this is what it was all about; building communities and connections that come together to work on something amazing. It’s the community that gets me out of bed everyday and it is the community that makes Zaarly such an amazing team to be a part of.

Thanks LA, you are awesome… Now off to Seattle.