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Los Angeles. Where it all began.

We rolled into Los Angeles about 9 a.m. and the energy from the second we hit the ground was intense (or maybe it was the traffic).

It’s crazy to think that a little over 10 weeks ago Zaarly was just an idea at a Startup Weekend. Since it all began here, we knew LA had to be one of the main kick off cities and we decided to hold our event at the same space where it all began, Coloft.

The Coloft team provides one of the best co-working spaces in the country. They are passionate about everything they do and they run a top notch place to work. Thanks for everything they have done for us thus far.

LA was so dynamic. Its energy was contagious and the diversity of our team was incredible.

The team was that was built had some really interesting people. From 3 guys who started a national eyewear chain, a few developers who were at the original Startup Weekend to a Los Angeles Laker Girl. We had all ends of the spectrum covered and it was a very energizing night.

Los Angeles just has this vibe that gets everyone going. We spent a lot of time talking about entrepreneurship and how Zaarly could help unemployment. The drive to help non-profits and get people back on their feet was inspiring.

After a few hours in the room where it all began, it felt like I had connected with a group of friends that I had known forever. It was there that it hit me that this is what it was all about; building communities and connections that come together to work on something amazing. It’s the community that gets me out of bed everyday and it is the community that makes Zaarly such an amazing team to be a part of.

Thanks LA, you are awesome… Now off to Seattle.


The one and only… San Francisco.

Stop 3 of 7 on our city rollout tour was San Francisco. Since we have an office in town we decided to invite the team over for some pizza and beer. On top of that, a few blocks away from our office there was a Startup Weekend event happening so we took everyone to meet the people who run the event that catalyzed Zaarly eight weeks ago.

This team is awesome. Our team captain is the biz dev rockstar at Dropbox, we have college students from Berkley and Stanford, a Googler, a jewelry maker, a charity fund raising guru, a superstar event planner and the list goes on. People from every imaginable background are coming out of the woodworks to join the movement.

The best part about these events are the stories. It’s amazing to hear where people came from, what they like to do and why they are a part of the Zaarly team. That’s what this is all about. We spent an hour introducing ourselves and then went over a few key initiatives on how we are going to make Zaarly kick ass in SF.

One of the coolest things that happened in SF was when a couple ladies showed up because they heard from their friends in NYC (where we were the night before) that they had to come check this out. Connecting people across the country to come together and build something great is amazing.

Thanks to an awesome team in SF and here’s to dominating the most tech friendly place on earth. San Francisco seems up to the task of keeping ahead of the other awesome communities being built across the country.